The Holmes County Purchasing office has sole responsibility for purchasing all equipment, heavy equipment, machinery, supplies, commodities, materials, and services used by any office or department of the County except for those offices or departments whose expenditures are not required by law to be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

The primary objectives of the policies of the purchasing department are threefold:

  1. To procure the necessary materials, supplies, machinery, etc. of proper quality.
  2. To procure them in time for requirements and have them delivered to the proper place.
  3. To procure them at the lowest possible ultimate cost.

For purchasing laws: § 31-7-1; §31-7-9; § 31-713

Tiffany Williams, County Administrator 

​Alanda Taylor, Senior Purchasing Clerk

Robquila Solomon, Assistant Purchasing Clerk 


PO Box 239
Lexington MS 39095
Office: 662-834-0911
Fax: 662-834-3345