Tiffany Williams, County Administrator 
408 Court Square
PO Box 239
Lexington, MS  39095
Office: 662-834-0911
Fax: 662-834-3345

In a beat system of county government, the board of supervisors is authorized, in its discretion, to employ a county administrator.  The person employed as county administrator must hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and must have knowledgeable experience in any of the following fields:  work projection, budget planning, accounting, purchasing, cost control, personnel management, and road construction procedures.  The administrator, under the policies determined by the board of supervisors and subject to the board’s general supervision and control, administers county affairs falling under the control of the board and carries out the general policies of the board.

Administrative Staff

County Administrator/Accounts Payable
Tiffany Williams, County Administrator
County Administrative Assistant 

Sheila Riley


Sheila Riley, County Administrative Assistant 
Accounts Payable




Angela Pilgram, Accounts Payable Clerk
Robquila Soloman
Robquila Solomon, Accounts Payable Clerk  
Bookkeeper/Human Resources/Payroll
Maria Porter-Shannon Maria Porter-Shannon