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Holmes County Industrial Park in Durant, MS consists of 320 acres for development of new industry. Holmes County Industrial Park has parcels of land up to 100 acres that are available and many smaller parcels that can be divided. The industrial park’s location is on the west side of I-55 in north central Mississippi and is within eight miles of Moore Field Airport in Lexington, MS.

Holmes County has many incentives, grants and programs that make the county ideal for many businesses. It’s location to interstates, railways and rivers are a plus and it is a short drive to Jackson, Mississippi and the Madison County facilities of Nissan.

Holmes County qualifies for several State and Federal incentive programs and grants. Below are some links:

Available Sites:

holmes county ms
Holmes County Industrial Park
320 Acres
Electricity, Gas, Water, and Sewer
holmes county ms
Flat Rock Building
May Street, West, MS 39192

Holmes County Chamber of Commerce

Charlie M. Joiner, Board President
Lydia McLellan, Office Manager
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