Chancery Court

The Chancery Judges hear special court cases involving wills and estates, support and custody of minor children, divorces and alimony, and lunacy or commitment hearings. The Judges are known as equity Judges whose area of duty involves more than narrow and rigid interpretations of laws and focuses on protection of individual rights. The Judges also handle other matters, such as petitions to incorporate or enlarge a city, the establishment and management of drainage districts, children’s welfare funds, and other projects.

District Eleven (11)

Judge Robert G. Clark, III
116 E. China Street
P. O. Box 39
Lexington, MS 39095
(662) 834-1285 (Office)

Judge Cynthia Brewer
P. O. Box 404
Canton, MS 39046
(662) 859-5783 (Office)