Election Commission

The Holmes County Election Commission is made up of 5 commissioners, one representing each of the 5 supervisor districts. Each of the commissioners has the responsibility of ensuring that the election laws are upheld and that the elections (general, special and run-off) are conducted in an honest and fair manner. It is also the duty of the election commission to prepare the ballots, man the polling locations, certify the election and purge the voter rolls. Primary elections are overseen by the respective county party and the Holmes County Election Commissioners are not involved with these elections.

If you or a family member have moved or passed away, please notify the election commissioners to assist in updating the voter rolls. You can reach the election commissioners at (662) 834-5028 or (662) 834-2476.

If you are interested in obtaining a better understanding of the election process or becoming a poll worker, please call the election commissioners at (662) 834-5028 or (662) 834-2476.

Voter Information

Voters must register at least 30 days prior to the election.

For your vote to count, you must be registered in Holmes County and you should vote at the precinct where you live. If you have moved from one location to another in Holmes County, but have not changed your address with the Circuit Clerk, you should still go to the precinct for the area in which you live. Your name will not be on the Poll Book at that location but you should vote by affidavit. After the polls close, all affidavits are reviewed by the Election Commission. Once your name is found on the Holmes County voter rolls, the Election Commissioners will then verify your information. Once your information is found to be valid, your vote will be counted and your information will be updated in the system. If you are unsure as to which precinct you should be voting in call the Circuit Clerk.  For Information on Poll Workers or Candidacy Information contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office:

Earline Wright-Hart
Circuit Clerk

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 718
Lexington, MS 39095

Physical Address:
22549 Depot Street
Lexington, MS 39095

(662) 834-2476 (Office)
(662) 834-3870 (Fax)
Email:  ehart@holmescountyms.org

Absentee ballots should be available 45 days prior to the election.

District 1:  Elnora Patton (662) 834-2476
District 2:  Loretta Tidwell (662) 834-2476
District 3:  Henry Simpson (662) 834-2476
District 4:  Walter Pitchford (662) 834-2476
District 5:  McKinley Young, III (662) 834-2476

Interested candidates may contact the Circuit Clerk’s office for information.