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Holmes County is located in the west central part of Mississippi. It was created February 19, 1833 out of the land originally ceded by the Choctaw Indians in the Treaty of Doak’s Stand, October 18, 1820 and known as the “New Purchase.” Out of the original large county of Hinds was formed Yazoo County, and Holmes was formed from Yazoo in 1833. Lexington is the county seat(Circa 1960s). Holmes was the twenty-sixth county to be organized and ranks ninth in area.  The county was named in honor of David Holmes, first Governor of the State of Mississippi.

David Holmes was one of the state’s three chief executives who was not married during his term in office. He served as governor of the territory and the state for eleven years and one month, the second longest period of service in the state’s history.

After his resignation, Governor Holmes returned to Virginia and, following several years of declining health, died at Jordan’s Sulphur Springs on August 28, 1832. Holmes County was named in honor of Mississippi’s first governor.

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Hon. Arrica Weatherall, Mayor
(662) 455-5155

Hon. Tasha Boyette Davis, Mayor
(662) 653-3314

Hon. John Estep, Mayor
(662) 472-2263

Hon. Clint Cobbins, Mayor
(662) 834-1261

Hon. Rayford Washington, Mayor
(662) 468-2171

Hon. Zula Patterson, Mayor
(662) 235-5112

Hon. Michael Fancher, Mayor
(662) 967-2308


Holmes County Economic Development Authority


(662) 455-5155        Arrica Weatherall, Mayor
(662) 472-2263        John Estep, Mayor
(662) 834-1261        Clint Cobbins, Mayor
(662) 468-2300        Jonathan Moore
(662) 235-5445        Ann Polk
(662) 834-2311        Doug Aldridge
(662) 834-1221        Inell Redmond
(662) 967-2473        Mary A. Stevens
(662) 235-5278        Dorothy Turner
(662) 834-1411        Bruce Edwards

Holmes County Chamber of Commerce

Charlie M. Joiner, Board President
Lydia McLellan, Office Manager
104 W. China Street, Suite A
Lexington, MS
(662) 834-3372